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nutritionist for weightloss and cooking healthy meals

Meal Planning & Nutrition Coaching 

 Let me simplify your life!   When working with me, my goal is to help you learn how to eat tasty

foods that do not make you feel restricted from your favorite foods.  I create a personalized plan

that you'll enjoy. because I know if you don't enjoy it ... you won't do it!!  It’s time to learn how to stop Yo-Yo Dieting & stop the on-again/off-again mentality and learn how to live a Healthy Lifestyle vs. Dieting Lifestyle!


Step 1: Assess Their Needs

I create a meal plan based on my client’s unique needs.  I take the time to really get to know my

clients and fully understand their needs when it comes to cooking and eating.  I conduct a thorough

assessment with each client to find out how much time they have to invest in the cooking, shopping, etc. &

other questions that help me to understand the client’s plan fully.  


Step 2: Find Recipes Your Client Will Love

Once I have a thorough understanding of what her client needs I start building the meal plan. 

I’m all about being realistic and making things as easy as possible for my clients to follow. I’m also all

about going back to basics. Keeping it simple like having protein, healthy fat and fiber eat each meal.

I usually look for recipes with 10 ingredients or less that take about 30 minutes to make. Anything over

that, I try to limit, depending on the client I’m working with.

Step 3: Build a Realistic Plan

I always tell my clients that the meal plans I make for them should be followed 100% this way

I know what’s working and/or not working.  This is a  roadmap to show you how to create balanced

meals that are going to help you feel nourished throughout the day. 


Step 4: Check in to See How They’re Doing

I do weekly check-ins via text and or email and I love for you.. my client to journal  their

days if they have time.

Step 5: Follow-Up, Tweak, and Improve

When I work with clients if you are continuing monthly maintenance plans. I schedule

follow-up visits every 4 or six weeks via phone call or in person.  During a

follow-up, I will ask questions about what you liked, or didn’t like.


    +$10 credit card fee
    Put the "healthy" back in your diet based on your wellness needs and goals w/ this 60-min session (Normal $157)
    • • Nutritional supplement recommendations
    • • Healthy dining options
    • • Gut health
    • • How to get rid of sugar cravings
    • add 4 week = addition $75

    +$10 credit card fee
    July Special 20% off normal price = ($467)
    • • 4 weeks of personalized nutrition coaching & food intake
    • • Caloric needs assessment for current weight and goal weig
    • • Customized meal planning for healthy weight loss
    • • Nutrition & lifestyle strategies for loss maintenance
    • • Exercise recommendations for weight loss & maintenance
    • • Accountabilty and daily check-in

    +$10 credit card fee
    Comprehensive, 4-week nutrition coaching program (normal $937)
    • • 6 weeks of personalized nutrition coaching
    • • In-depth, customized nutrition program, accountability&
    • • Caloric needs assessment
    • • Nutritional supplements evaluation & recommendations
    • • Strategies for healthy dining out and traveling
    • • Healthy menu planning with recipes
    • • Healthy shopping assistance
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